Meet the Artists

Copper Cat Studio is proud to have such an amazing lineup of guest artists teaching at the studio. Each artist is an expert in their respective field and exude a passion for their craft, making each class a very informative, as well as a fun and unique experience! Below are the women that make up the instructor staff at Copper Cat Studio, as well as some of the artists we represent in the gift shop.


Katie Packham,

Owner & Mosaic Artist

I would like to personally welcome you to Copper Cat Studio. It is a dream come true to be able to provide a place where people can come to nurture their creativity!


My beginnings as a professional artist were in mural painting, but it wasn't until I started dabbling in mosaics that I found the passion to quit my day job and become a full time artist. My first experience with mosaics was at my family's church in Oklahoma. Gorgeous smalti mosaics covered the walls and as a child, I would find myself gazing at them, getting lost in all of the undulating curved lines.  I've been fortunate to have traveled to many places abroad and I have always been drawn to anything glass and mosaics.  Whether it is Gaudi in Spain, the ruins in Pompeii or the beautiful churches of Ravenna, nothing spurs my creativity more than mosaics. I get constant inspiration from seeing other's expressions of art. My favorite ones are those of varying heights and textures.  I am a very tactile person and want others to be drawn to my art and be compelled to touch it and look at it from various angles to see how the light reflects off of the tiny surfaces. I am very blessed to be able to create such beautiful things for a living!

In 2013, I received my 200 hour yoga teacher certification through the Pure Satya program in Reno, NV.  I teach three weekly classes at Copper Cat Studio. I also have completed my Reiki Master Teacher certification. Check out our full and half day retreats that incorporate yoga and reiki. 

When I am not in my studio creating mosaics and teaching workshops, I am practicing yoga, trying out new recipes and spending time with my husband exploring the beautiful Sierras. 

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Donna Smit,

Glass & Multi Media Artist & Instructor

Donna is an Instructor/Artist who shares techniques, cultivates ideas, and experiments with all mediums. Donna is a resident artist at Copper Cat Studio, where she has a private studio and teaches a range of classes from glass fusion basics, jewelry, yard art, sun catchers and resin multimedia art.

Donna continues to take advanced art classes throughout the United States from nationally recognized artists and bring back her knowledge to share with her students.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Donna is a student of nature and all of its beauty. The colors of light at sunsets and daybreaks, water, and land reflect her art and teaching style. Her background consists of being a professional calligrapher, corporate graphic artist, and a web developer. Like Your Junk-Smitten Designs continues to evolve, where Donna re-uses and recycles glass in all shapes and sizes to create unique home, yard and wearable art.

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Donna Jeanne Koepp,

Fiber & Mixed Media Artist/Instructor

I’m a native Nevadan who has created one form of art or craft since I was a kid. Since retiring from a career in construction, I’ve come back to drawing, painting and using animals as my subjects. I’ve developed a creative strategy that keeps me fresh and working. I arrive at my art space, White Wolf Studio, every morning at 5am. I dive right into the project at hand. Whether needle felting a quirky sculpture or painting a beloved pet, I get a few hours of continuous work in. I find my creative muse is fully awake before my inner critic begins to stir. 


I love sharing what I create and Copper Cat Studio is the perfect venue for teaching my current passions with those who want to learn. Needle Felting and Travel Journals are classes you may enjoy.

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Louise Noel,

Silk Painter & Instructor

Big western landscapes, whimsical creatures and the endless palette of summer flower are the inspirations for my silk paintings. 

Working with dyes on silk has given me the perfect way to illustrate the world as I see it. Joy and serendipity are huge forces. Absolute control is abandoned and desires are negotiated with resists and surface treatments. The end painting is forever unpredictable...often better than planned...and the process is an exciting, exasperating, joyous journey. 

Sally King,

Wire Sculpture Artist & Instructor

Sally is a wire sculpture artist who enjoys sharing her craft with others. She primarily makes wire trees and can often be found taking pictures of trees, drawing trees and getting lost in forests. Her art includes free standing trees, three dimensional wall hangings,  and pendants/jewelry. Sally's Tree of Life Workshop takes you through the fun, relaxing process of making a wire tree sun catcher using wire and chip-stones. 

Daylene Moss,

Alcohol Inks Artist & Instructor

Daylene is originally from Los Angeles, Ca. She has been involved in the Reno art community for the past 10 years after relocating from Tucson, Arizona. She works with a variety of materials, many of which are “found” objects that she gives new life to, within her art. The vibrant and bold colors used in her artwork have been inspired by her time spent living in the south west. Currently she is working on “abstract expressionism,” using metals, acrylics, clay, ink dyes and fused glass. She enjoys sharing and teaching others by offering classes at Copper Cat Studio, as well as in her home in South Reno.

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Vivienne French,

Embroidery Instructor

Born and raised in New Zealand, I am the typical kiwi do-it-yourselfer! My Mum and my Godmother were my teachers and mentors as I learned at a very young age to knit, sew, bake and craft.  I always have several projects on the go and many more “fermenting” in my brain!

I love hand embroidery as it can be a very portable project, can fill “waiting” times, takes little space in a carry on and the results are very gratifying. Katie was my inspiration to bring back hand embroidery and we hope it will become as popular again as knitting and sewing are.


Kelly Burr,

Multia Media Artist & Instructor

Kelly Burr was born near San Francisco, Ca. just as the flower power culture was emerging. It must have been in the water, because she has never been without something artsy-craftsy within easy reach. Self taught, but constantly watching the people in her creative circle, she has recently retired from the catering business, after 37 years. While that was creative and a place where she could express herself, she always felt the gentle tug of the art world calling her. After a serious car accident and permanent injuries in early 2016, she knew the time was now "the RIGHT time" to make it happen! From beading and coloring in elementary school, to polymer clay creations that ended up at Emmy gatherings, bold color and going outside the lines, has always made her giddy with excitement! She can't draw worth a damn, but she knew she had a eye for color and balance, and knew resin would be the next medium to tackle. After studying for over 6 months, she finally took the plunge. She hasn't looked back since!

Shelly Jackson,

Resin Artist & Instructor

Resin and multi-media artist Shelly Jackson, of Clockwork Monster, specializes in one of a kind steampunk and diesel punk creations. Shelly has been working in resin for over six years and wants to teach you some of her tricks.  You can find her work on the Steampunk and Comic Book Convention Circuit in fashion shows, panels and workshops or in Junkees in Midtown everyday.

Bryn McCubbins,

Fused Glass Artist

Bryn McCubbins was fortunate to grow up amid the natural beauty of Colorado. After traveling overseas to Denmark, she transferred to Michigan State University, where she delved into various educational pursuits. She soon followed her heart, and her husband, to Nevada where she began a career in advertising. After 19 years, and two children, she realized that she preferred dipping into her children’s crayon box and soon found a way to enjoy both a career in art as well as home. The sky is the limit in what Bryn might create from day to day and that joyful spirit is reflected in her art. In addition to Copper Cat Studio, her work can be viewed online at 

Kathleen Hallamore,

Glass Artist

I’ve had two very different things that have fascinated me since I was a child. The first was the infinite options of hot glass; the colored light it creates and by it’s strength and fragility. The second was landforms and geology –the innate balance and harmony found in nature. Since my earliest airplane flights those forms and patterns have found their way into my designs. For years I focused on art glass, starting with leaded glass and then fused glass and etched glass. Recently I have been spending more time making jewelry. I often combine precious metal wire with fused glass and lampworked beads. My most recent work combines the metals with natural stones and Druze. Each of my pieces is one of a kind. I still enjoy the challenge that comes with commission pieces. When I can develop a design that pleases the client and satisfies my own design sense, I am truly happy. For more than thirty years I owned Tapestry Glass, in Reno, a retail gallery/studio. I closed the retail operation in March, 2015 and am now concentrating on commissions and my own creations under the name Hallamore Designs.

Katherine Case,

Lino Print & Book Arts

Katherine Case owns and operates Meridian Press, up the big hill from the Truckee River in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains, where she hand-sets metal type and prints on an antique SP-15 Vandercook proof press. She calls up inspiration from the traditional textile patterns of Africa, Asia and the Pacific; from poetry and music; from her two small children and from the diverse and abundant landscapes of the Sierra Nevada region. All of Katherine' original prints are created from multiple hand-carved linoleum blocks. She is a poet, printmaker, former Peace Corps Volunteer, and a member of the Wild Women Artists of Northern evada. Katherine also teaches at the Nevada Museum of Art.

Karen Vetter,

Ceramic Artist

I am a Gemini potter.  Intellectual and free spirited.  Rarely do I make pottery pieces twice.  My colors are bright and many colored or soft spoken and muted. I love how colors of glazes interact with each other.  I am a random chemist and I love to teach my craft.

Karen teaches pottery classes at her home studio and also is an instructor at the Nevada Museum of Art.